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Ladies Facial Hair Removal

Be it your Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Jawline, Hairline or Full Face, facial hair on ladies is mostly regarded as unwanted. The LightBarr offers Permanent Hair Removal for all facial areas. Gents, View our Beard Hair Removal Page. We also offer packages for those requiring hair removal on multiple areas. Ask us about this! It’s important to point out, that your face is the one part of our body that requires extra attention when it comes to protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.  As your face is almost always exposed to the elements (unlike the rest of your body which is usually protected by clothing), it’s vital to protect it between laser treatments.   This can be easily adhered to by simply applying sunscreen to your face, wearing a large brimmed hat or avoiding the sun completely.    Upon consultation, your laser technician will advise you fully on all the safety measures desired to ensure a safe and smooth treatment.  Your face will be in good hands. Check out these superb results from Pulsed Light Treatments.