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Bikini Hair Removal

One of the most popular Hair Removal areas for ladies is for sure the Bikini area.  

Whether it’s just to neaten up the scraggly bits that stick out of your underwear or going fully bare (Hollywood), we’ve got you covered… or uncovered as it were to speak 🙂  

If you’re looking for a Permanent Hair Removal System, then look no further than The LightBarr – Offering Tailor-made Bikini styles to suit your needs – nothing is too outrageous for us!  

If Ingrown Hairs are your concern or you simply love the smoothness, this is your solution. Say goodbye to hair follicles FOREVER.

With us, you will enjoy a relaxed environment with all the privacy required.  Catering to your busy lifestyle, we are open 9am ’til 9pm DAILY.  We are the  ONLY AFTER HOURS Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation option in Cape Town.

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Currently, The LightBarr is  able treat persons with skin types 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Applicator to treat skin types 5 and 6 coming soon!!

The Fitzpatrick scale or Fitzpatrick skin typing test or Fitzpatrick phototyping scale is a numerical classification for human skin colour. It was developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, a Harvard dermatologist, as a way to classify the typical response of different types of skin to ultraviolet (UV) light.