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TheLightBar FAQs

As a first time Laser client, you may have a few questions. Like:

Is it going to hurt?  The short answer is no – it won’t hurt, but you will feel something.  Is it going to ‘hurt’ for long?  Absolutely not.  For Permanent Hair Removal, sensations will be felt during treatment, but there should be no discomfort the minute treatment is over.  For Skin Rejuvenation, if you choose to have a powerful treatment  you may feel a slight warmth on the skin for a few hours, but otherwise absolutely no pain or discomfort whatsoever.  Put it this way, no-one has said it is too painful or not worth it… yet.  We give FREE demos to everyone so you really have nothing to lose. 

or How many sessions will I need?  For Permanent Hair Removal: 6-8 is the average number of sessions required, but everyone is different. The great thing is that you need only commit to one session at a time. As soon as you are happy with the decrease in the number of hair follicles you can stop treatments.  You can always come for touch-up sessions as you want to go smoother.  For vein or pigmentation removal: 1 – 5 sessions depending on severity. For Fine Line & Wrinkle Treatments: you can do this as often as every 10 days for an unlimited period of time.

or How much does Permanent Hair Removal by Laser cost?  Download our latest price list  here: 

or How long does each session take?  For Permanent Hair Removal:  Times range from 5 minutes to 1 hour.  A larger surface area, like the back or legs, will take longer than say an upper lip.  You can halve these times by shaving in advance, but speak with your technician before proceeding.

or How long do I need to wait between sessions?  For Permanent Hair Removal: You should leave approximately 4-8 weeks between sessions. Depending on the area of the body, your technician will advise you upon your first consultation.  For Skin Rejuvenation: 10 days to 25 days, depending on the treatment.

or What is The LightBarr’s cancellation policy? There is no charge for changing your appointment, however, ‘NO-SHOW’s will be charged R250.

or Why should I choose The LightBarr?  Read about what we do here.

or Perhaps you have another question? We’d love to answer it for you.  Use the Contact Form on our website  or call us: 084 299 4029 – open 9am – 9pm daily.