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Beard Hair Removal

  Beard or no Beard? That is the Question.  

Beards have been around since the dawn of man. Yet still, people either love them or hate them. 

The term ‘hipster’, although first used in the 1990’s, was truly made popular in the 2010’s.  With this, came the popularity of beards donned by men as young as being able to grow facial hair.  But while some people (men and women) love the trendy beard, for some men (and women!) the 5 or even 2 o’clock shadow is just unbearable.    

This is where we come in.    

Perhaps you are transitioning (MTF).  If so, permanent facial hair removal will undoubtedly be one of the essential steps on your journey.  

Perhaps you’re prone to shaving rash. Or perhaps you still want to keep your beard, but rather just tidy up the scraggly bits high up on the cheeks or on the neck.  This way you need only rely on beard trimmers to maintain the stubble look or longer.

Either way, The LightBarr is here to help sculpt the perfect face for YOU; the unique individual. 


There’s no question that anyone choosing facial hair removal needs to be committed to the process, therefore, we offer FREE demonstrations which enable you to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

Ladies with beards… say no more. Call Now and start saying hello to smooth.

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